About the Readings

Noor doing a coffee reading at a Toronto psychic expo. Noor has been reading coffee cups and pendulum for more than 35 years. This gift has been passed over through many generations in her family. As a child, she learned the art of reading coffee cups from her mom and aunt.

She gets great satisfaction from helping people, so in her readings she is happy to answer some of your most important questions, such as helping to determine what decisions you should make and what the future has in store for you. Receiving a coffee reading can be very beneficial in putting one's mind to rest and answering your most anticipated questions. Her readings focus on present and future.

Coffee reading is an ancient technique that originated in the Middle East and can tell a person the events of one's past or answer any question concerning their future. Noor has recently travelled to Cairo, Egypt and the Holy Land to learn more about ancient meditation practices, expanding her intuition and psychic abilities using ancient practices.

Coffee cup reading is done by hugging the cup with a little fresh coffee in it; breathe in it and take a few sips if you like coffee. Give it back to Noor; she will spin the cup three times clockwise and put it upside down to dry. You will be amazed by what is revealed in the cup.

She also picks up her pendulum and answers any questions about love, luck, money, health, family, career, romance and relationships.

Noor has been on radio, TV, on stage live and performs in psychic shows across the country and internationally.

Readings are not timed.

Noor is available for private or group readings.